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To assist our community with the placement and management of insurance programs, we have included a collection of our own templates and templates from around the web. If there are other templates that should be included in our template library, please email us at [email protected]. Remember to bookmark this page and register on Capacity Place. Registration is free and takes less than a minute.

Trading Agreements

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Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

NDAs are usually requested by Capacity Seekers of Capacity Providers prior to sharing of confidential, commercially-sensitive information. This is particularly important where Capacity Providers compete directly for business with the Capacity Seeker or may support a competing program. 

Terms of Business Agreements (TOBA)

TOBAs are agreements between parties in the insurance chain as to how they will do business together. TOBA templates either include risk transfer or do not include risk transfer.  RIsk transfer refers to whether the receipt of premiums by an intermediary shall be considered to have been accepted by the party extending risk transfer, typically an insurer, MGA or wholesale intermediary.


Binding Authority Agreements (BAA)
A Binding Authority Agreement is the principal agreement between an intermediary and risk carriers which specify the authorities being delegated to the intermediary by risk carriers typically in relation to the binding of risks, issuance of policies, operations and control and claims handling.
Lloyd's LMA Binding Authority Model Agreements
Alabama Dept of Insurance

Corporate & Governance

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Underwriting Authority Letter

An underwriting authority letter is used to specify the authority limits of individual underwriters and set the parameters for referral to more senior individuals or committees for underwriting sign-off.

Wind-Down Plan  (POPULAR)

A wind-down plan is designed to ensure that insurance intermediaries have adequate financial and non-financial resources available to wind-down their regulated activities in an orderly manner.    


Business Planning

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Program Business Plan (POPULAR)

The program business plan is prepared by Capacity Seekers and is one of the first documents that Capacity Providers will review to assess whether the program fits within their risk appetite and would be of interest to pursue further.

Program Financials (POPULAR)

Program financials are required by Capacity Providers to better understand past, present and future program economics and in particular premium breakdown and development, acquisition payaways and loss costs along with any supporting assumptions.


Business Performance

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Risk Profiles  (POPULAR)

Risk profiles outline program splits for number of risks, premium, exposure and losses typically by class of business, line band, territory, policy types and distribution sources.


Underwriting & Claims

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Program Underwriting Guidelines  (POPULAR)

Program underwriting guidelines outline the process that is followed in assessing whether a risk should be written and at what terms. These guidelines provide guidance to underwriters internally and capacity providers externally in areas such as pricing, terms and conditions, referral processes, aggregation issues, control of exposures and reinsurance.


Compliance, Policies & Procedures

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Complaints Log

A complaints log records complaints that you have received and tracks these to ensure that they are properly managed.

Insurance Program Information Document (iPID)

Under the new Insurance Distribution Directive established by EIOPA, product manufacturers are required to provide iPIDs for all non-life insurance products to enable customers to make informed purchase decisions about the insurance product.


Insurance Forms

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Claims Form - Liability Classes

This claims form is designed for liability classes.  It is intended for claims managers seeking a simple-to-use claims form.

Online Form Libraries

There are a number of paid-for online forms libraries which include insurance forms for applications, proposals, quotes, registrations, claims, etc.

Jot Form ($)
Template.net ($)
Template Inn ($)
Custom Quote Form ($)

Reference Documents & Resources

Template DescriptionReferences
Wordings and Clauses

These repositories can be helpful in constructing policy wordings and endorsements.

Lloyd's Wordings Repository ($)
IUA Clauses

The Lloyd's website contains a lot of useful reference information and templates for insurance program professionals, albeit can be difficult to find what you are looking for

Lloyd's Risk Codes
Lloyd's Coverholder Audit
Standard Formula SCR
Insurance Regulators

Links to regulators' sites is useful for Capacity Seekers to show where they are regulated and Capacity Providers to check regulatory credentials.

EU/EEA Insurance Regulators

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