How It Works: For Capacity Providers

Gain access to a huge range of relevant program opportunities

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Underwrite a Program in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1

Search and View Program Listings

  • Search for programs using our powerful search tools
  • Share relevant listings with your colleagues

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Step 2

Contact Program Representative

  • Chat directly with the program representative through Capacity Place
  • Ask questions; set up a time to meet with the Capacity Seeker
  • Request access to the data room to view program documentation

Step 3

Conduct Due Diligence

  • Invite members of your team and other departments to review the program
  • This may include reviews from business development, underwriting, actuarial, compliance, reinsurance, finance, IT, legal, and DUA management

Step 4

Negotiate and Conclude Contracts

  • Negotiate authorities and limits, wordings, operational processes and commercial terms
  • Conclude capacity support agreements

Step 5

Start Trading with Capacity Provider(s)

  • Implement operational practices to support underwriting, finance and claims
  • Receive premiums and bordereaux from Capacity Providers


Smart Market Matching

Use Capacity Place’s powerful search tools to source programs which fit your company’s risk appetite and licenses


Program Data Room

Evaluate programs quickly by reviewing commercially-sensitive program information stored in the secure document repository


Capacity Tracker

Keep track of all programs in one place from initial enquiry through to conclusion

Start searching programs today


Faster Business Development

Expand your opportunity set, qualify prospects ahead of face-to-face meetings and make your meetings more productive


Lower Acquisition Costs

Access more cost-effective distribution channels and tackle low value-for-money stages in your distribution chain


Integrated Due Diligence

Invite colleagues from across your company to collaborate, view the program listing and access the Program Data Room to review documentation