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Why are ILS Funds using Capacity Place?

Access to Treaty Placements

Smaller brokers as well as reinsurance buyers, typically at smaller Insurers, Captives, PCCs/ICCs and Mutual Insurers may list their program on Capacity Place. Reinsurance buyers, in particular, may be seeking to diversify their reinsurance panels and/or obtain more competitive terms for proportional or non-proportional placements.

Access to Fronted Programs 

Capacity Place provides you with access to insurance programs administered by MGAs, Wholesale Brokers, Banks and Affinity groups which may be available to support in whole or in part with ILS Funds, subject to fronting market requirements.

Business Segment Expansion

if you are embarking upon larger growth plans to expand offerings into new classes, territories, InsurTech channels, parametric lines or other growth areas, Capacity Place provides an alternative source of new business opportunities.

Discovery of Fronting Carriers

Through Capacity Place, you may uncover programs and find fronting carriers with relevant licenses and ability to assume tail risk.

Originating Programs While in Lockdown

You may not be able to travel at the moment due to Covid-19. Capacity Place is a great way to continue to source programs while you cannot meet up in person, attend conferences or hop on a plane.

More-Productive Business Travel

If you are travelling a lot to originate business, Capacity Place enables you to qualify opportunities in advance, making your business travel far more productive.

Five steps to underwriting program business on Capacity Place

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What do programs look like on Capacity Place?

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Smart Market Matching

Use Capacity Place’s powerful search tools to source programs which fit your company’s risk appetite and licenses


Program Data Room

Evaluate programs quickly by reviewing commercially-sensitive program information stored in the secure document repository


Program Tracker

Keep track of all programs in one place from initial enquiry through to conclusion

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Faster Business Development

Expand your opportunity set, qualify prospects ahead of face-to-face meetings and make your meetings more productive


Lower Acquisition Costs

Access more cost-effective distribution channels and tackle low value-for-money stages in your distribution chain


Integrated Due Diligence

Invite colleagues from across your company to collaborate, view the program listing and access the Program Data Room to review documentation

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