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Why might you be seeking capacity for your InsurTech business or for a client of your InsurTech business?

Proof of Concept Development

You may have come up with a new product, distribution method or underwriting approach and need to test this in order to ascertain market demand or viability. Often, this testing is a prelude to securing seed funding from investors, insurance accelerators or insurers themselves.

Partnership for Underwriting Expertise

You may be an e-commerce expert who really understands electronic distribution, but lacks the product, class and underwriting expertise regarding risk selection, rating and pricing of risks and wordings. In turn, you may be seeking an insurance partner which brings traditional insurance expertise to your distribution channel.

Contingent Revenues or Client Support

Your InsurTech may be a technology supplier to a company which distributes insurance policies. In turn, your business may have its revenues contingent on your client having insurance capacity. This often happens in partnership situations and new ventures involved in the digital economy.

Desire for Greater Flexibility, Scope or Limits

You may be seeking greater underwriting authority (such as moving from prior submit to fully-delegated), the ability to write larger limits or greater territorial scope, offer wider product coverage or have (greater) claims handling authority.

Five steps to securing capacity for your program

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Approaches to Securing Capacity

Capacity Place is an excellent way to source markets for your insurance programs

What would your program look like to Capacity Providers?

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Smart Market Matching

Your program is relevance-scored against Capacity Providers’ risk appetite to source markets with the best fit.


Program Data Room

Share commercially-sensitive documents through our secure repository where you control who has access


Capacity Tracker

Keep track of all interested Capacity Providers in one place from initial enquiry through to conclusion

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Wide Range of Risk Carriers

Reach a broader set of risk carriers including insurers, reinsurers, Lloyd’s underwriters, ILS funds, fronting carriers and more


Global Reach

Expand your prospective markets beyond local contacts with Capacity Providers from across the globe


Faster Program Placement

Comprehensive program listings direct to Capacity Providers generates competitive interest and enables quick decision making

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