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As a Reinsurance Broker, why would you use Capacity Place?

Lack of Class and Territory Expertise

You may have a lot of relationships with reinsurers, but the people you know work for different departments or are in different geographic locations. In turn, Capacity Place may help you reach the specialist underwriters you need to reach in order to find prospective markets.

Access to International Markets

Your program may need capacity from overseas markets where you do not have relationships nor time to travel to visit. Capacity Place helps you access these markets efficiently and also helps you qualify markets before jumping on a plane.

Saving Time and Business Travel

There’s not enough hours in the day. Capacity Place enables you to work on multiple placements at the same time and saves you significant time travelling to meet markets.

Attacking Market Situations

Where you are competing with other brokers for a placement mandate and critical to winning is the ability to show that you have markets who may be interested, Capacity Place can help you demonstrate this.

Assisting Reinsurers Diversify Their Exposures 

You may have a program which helps reinsurers diversify their exposures into new geographies or territories or gives them access to business that insurers would normally retain. This type of diversification can assist reinsurers with developing a more balanced portfolio and also assist in dealings with Credit Reference Agencies.

Five steps to securing capacity for your program

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What would your program look like to Capacity Providers?

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Smart Market Matching

Your program is relevance-scored against Capacity Providers’ risk appetite to source markets with the best fit.


Program Data Room

Share commercially-sensitive documents through our secure repository where you control who has access


Capacity Tracker

Keep track of all interested Capacity Providers in one place from initial enquiry through to conclusion

Product Sheet: Capacity Place for Reinsurance Brokers


Wide Range of Risk Carriers

Reach a broader set of risk carriers including insurers, reinsurers, Lloyd’s underwriters, ILS funds, fronting carriers and more


Global Reach

Expand your prospective markets beyond local contacts with Capacity Providers from across the globe


Faster Program Placement

Comprehensive program listings direct to Capacity Providers generates competitive interest and enables quick decision making

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