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Capacity Place offers a range of services to assist capacity seekers during capacity pre-placement and placement stages.

Pre-Placement Stage

Consulting Services

Capacity Place help capacity seekers improve their prospects of securing capacity by reviewing and preparing program documentation including:

  • Business plans & marketing documents
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Program performance reviews
  • Program financials
  • Rating models

Project fees charged subject to scope of work

Placement Stage

We offer two levels of capacity marketing services: Basic and Enhanced.

Basic Program Marketing Service

Our basic program marketing service comprises:

  • An initial consultation for your program
  • Assessment of your program’s attractiveness to prospective capacity providers
  • Access to our template library
  • Listing of your program on Capacity Place’s website (accessible only by registered capacity providers)
  • Ability to see and message capacity providers which have viewed your program listing
  • Your program’s listing inclusion in our weekly emails to registered capacity providers

There is no upfront cost for the Basic Program Marketing Service. Upon successful placement to any introduced market, a Finders Fee will be charged to the capacity seeker in the amount of:

  • 2.0% on the first £10m (or equivalent) of cumulative GWP
  • 1.5% on the next £10m (or equivalent) of cumulative GWP
  • 1.0% on cumulative GWP thereafter

An introduction to a program is made on Capacity Place when a capacity provider views a capacity seeker's program listing or responds to emails pertaining to the program (and hence learns of the program). Capacity seekers can avoid introductions being made in error by excluding markets from viewing their program in the program's confidentiality settings.

Finders Fees are based on original gross written premium for all business transacted under placement agreements signed between the parties and any follow-on agreements covering business of a similar nature and are exclusive of any applicable taxes.

Prior to a program going live on Capacity Place, the Capacity Seeker is required to accept Capacity Place's Commercial Terms.

Enhanced Program Marketing Service

Our enhanced program marketing service proactively develops markets and relationships to obtain capacity support for programs and comprises:

Basic program marketing service +

  • Preparing a tailored list of potential markets for your program
  • Prospecting markets to establish risk appetite for your program
  • Organising meetings and assisting with capacity discussions
  • Providing assistance with program due diligence efforts
  • Facilitating capacity agreements

This service is often coupled with consultancy services for program business plans, financial reviews and other related services.

Our fees for our enhanced program marketing service are agreed on a program-by-program basis and will include a Finder’s Fee and may include a retainer depending on the work effort and ease of placement.

If you would like to discuss capacity for your program, please contact:

Marco Del Carlo
CEO, Capacity Place
D: +44 7866 361 157
O: +44 20 3983 5925
[email protected]