We launched Capacity Place to make it easier for insurance professionals involved with program business to find relevant trading partners for their programs and then to speed up completion timeframes for capacity transactions.

When we started, we could see that many companies seeking capacity for their insurance programs were struggling with knowing who to approach for capacity, how to approach them, what information is needed and how they can safeguard their commercially-sensitive information.

At the same time, we could see that many risk carriers were struggling to gain access to new program opportunities which fit their risk appetites and then often faced significant challenges evaluating and concluding opportunities due to a myriad of factors.

So, we created Capacity Place as the digital marketplace for insurance programs capacity.

For Capacity Seekers, Capacity Place enables you to find markets for programs quickly and securely. For Capacity Providers, Capacity Place offers you access to a range of program opportunities at your fingertips.

Happy hunting!

Marco Del Carlo
CEO, Capacity Place
D: +44 7866 361 157
[email protected]